Sfa 5 Way Agreement

footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/time-for-Rangers-to-challenge-the-illegal-sfa-spl-agreement/ The “previous agreements between the club and the SFA” probably refer to the five-way agreement between Rangers, Sevco, SFA, SPL and SFL. This agreement attempted to isolate the new unit of certain activities of the last majority shareholder of the Oldco Rangers, Craig Whyte, known as the CW Exempt Acts. In the spirit of the ancestral tradition of exerting some pressure until something breaks, I would like to invite speculation and speculation about what is written in the five-way agreement. Many contributors may have already done so somewhere in the blogosphere. These can be formulated by looking at what happened by an indicator or what happened. Here`s my clumsy attempt first. An article from a taig blogger appeared on my News Feed earlier about the famous deal and to the conversation I decided to take a look. www.vanguardbears.co.uk/the-five-way-agreement.html The simple truth Adam, no one knows what to believe. That`s why speculating, investigating and questioning! This leads to mistrust and division.

The governing bodies of our football should not even think about making secret agreements with anyone! Should we protect innocent and na├»ve children from the horrors of the adult world, or move the door poles for the sake of a team? Perhaps you could explain to me a situation that requires this secret behavior. You can bet that the main players of the SPL (Peter Lawwell, Stephen Thompson, Rod Petrie and all) had their hands on this agreement and this document. I did not know that PL or any other CEO was officially or otherwise involved in this agreement. I`ll follow your proposal. To health. We just got Newco`s statement yesterday to indicate what the communication applies to – they propose the monitoring period, and then only after May 6, 2011, when Craig Whyte held the majority (although Dave King was director). The statement was not entirely consistent (another statement of complaint was issued 8 months ago, but rejected?). It is also possible that the statement was hastily drafted and confused a written agreement with the SPL, not with the SFA.

I do not want to overemphasize that statement. Our support has been treated hard in the agreement and the rest of the country really thinks we have been slipped into the league that was established at the back of the deal. Despite the fact that many clubs around the world continued intact after similar and identical financial issues. No other club has the level of sanction that our rules have been changed to move us away from the league and degrade us 2 levels among a club that, in my opinion, was guilty of the worst possible offense. Match-fixing and corruption for years, Juventus… and so we experienced our “second” ………… that, as part of the agreement, all football debts will be repaid. Part of this agreement was of course to forego the prize money for the club`s second place in the 2011/12 season, a sum which, according to SPL rules, had yet to be paid to Oldco. We all know that Green is violating the agreement on a monthly basis and the sfa he was raped from time to time by turning a blind eye to offshore investors and listening to the green mcfc threats, quite agree that he was motivated by greed, are all acts of corruption.